Passages Charter School

Enroll in a school built specifically for your children

Passages is a charter school that has unique supports for families arriving in Chicago.

Why Choose Passages?

Send all your kids to one school

There’s no need to navigate the expensive and confusing early childhood education system — we serve children as young as 15 months all the way through 8th grade. Passages offers an educational home that stays consistent from year to year.

Our staff is multilingual and many are international

We often hire from our community, so our team understands your family’s challenges and shares your experiences.

We provide a network of services that care for your whole family

Transitioning into a new country can be challenging, so we make sure you and your children have the resources they need to learn. We are experts in teaching English Language Learners, and we offer social and emotional support so that your child can focus on academics.

Your children will receive an excellent education

We have highly qualified teachers, small class sizes, and rigorous academic standards. When they leave Passages, your child will be well prepared for success in high school.

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